Why us

Value proposition for the service clients

integrated logistics and selling abilities, Gayatri Agencies attains greater market penetration. And its fitting system acccomplish yours market and supply chain objective in the most professional way.

  • Best Rate in industries and annual rate contract facilities.
  • Single source to multiple sales channels in the industry.
  • Wide customer base with longstanding goodwill.
  • Innovative demand creating and tapping sales processes.
  • Proficient sales field staff.
  • Experienced in handling various products including delicate & temperature sensitive items.
  • Market insight and experience on sales strategy.
  • Professional transparent and organised system.
  • Just in time deliveries.

Benefits and Convenience
  • Peace of mind.
  • Reduced holding cost.
  • Secured timely payments.
  • Increased inventory turn-arounds.
  • Lesser out of stock situations.
  • Higher customer conversion and growth in sales per customer.
  • Reduction in asset investment and sales cost.

Value proposition for the product clients

Gayatri Agencies constantly innovates to streamline and add value to your product procurement process. Its single order,single delivery and a single cheque bring convenience at your door-steps.

  • “Any quantity Any time” delivered within 24 hours.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Reliable supply chain that meets channel specific service requirement while fulfilling product demand.
  • Just time delivery.
  • Technical sales team for greater efficiency that boosts your product offering and quality.
  • Proactive procurement And additions of new product-lines keeping your convenience and efficiency in mind.
  • Support of technical sales team to enhance your product offering and increase efficiency.

Benefits and Convenience
  • Peace of mind.
  • Decreased holding cost.
  • Increased number of inventory turn-arounds.
  • Just in time deliverries.
  • Lesser out of stock situations.
  • Cut cost in maintaining back end space for kitchen and stores.